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Transparency and reliability in products is of the highest importance in the legal cannabis world, especially when it comes to vaping. Ever-changing cartridges and batteries, it’s hard to find “Ol’ Reliable”. The struggle of finding a consistent vapor product is shared by many. It’s exactly why AiroPro has been able to secure positive review after positive review for their vape systems.


With a sleek design featuring no buttons or confusing heat settings, this vape battery takes the guesswork out of vaping. Simply drop your compatible magnetized cartridge into the AiroPro battery and inhale. Really, that’s it! User error is virtually impossible.

One of the most distinctive and memorable features of the Airo vape system is how it vibrates with every hit. This isn’t just a gimmick- it actually allows the user to take much larger hit without overheating the oil. The end result? Larger hits with no flavor loss. One-hit-quitters will appreciate Airo’s ability to deliver a similar bong hit feeling in a more discreet package.


Airo understands that vape pens are for people on-the-go. Their vape battery has been optimized to have a longer life than many other brands. When it comes time to charge the AiroPro, you can use any micro-USB charger, not just the one that’s included with the battery. You can even sneak a hit in while it’s charging!

It’s unlikely you’ll run into any issues with this battery, but if you do, Airo has you covered. All of their batteries are covered by a 1 year warranty. And because Airo is such a well-known name in the cannabis industry, accessing a variety of options in Washington state and beyond is consistently convenient.  


No funny business here: All of the oil used in AiroPro pre-filled cartridges, or “pods”, is 100% cannabis-derived. That means no additives, no heavy metals, and no artificial flavoring. Some vape brands cut corners in production by using botanical terpenes. AiroPro remains committed to providing cannabis derived vapor. Some of the safest, purest vape experiences available in the legal cannabis market today. 

The source material for each and every cartridge is vetted and held to rigorous quality control standards before extraction. Almost every cartridge Airo makes in Washington utilize flower sourced from cultivator Harmony Farms! A local producer with the same mission of producing safe, clean cannabis products.

Whether it be a cartridge from their distillate Strain Series, their CO2 oil, their live resin, or their Live Flower series, the quality shines through. Every variety of oil used in a cartridge by AiroPro is 100% strain specific and contains a wide cannabinoid spectrum. This results in oil that maintains the flavor profile and most desirable effects of its strain, something that may be lacking in cartridges from other brands.


Are you sick of finding a strain you really like, only to return for that same cartridge and it’s gone? On the flip side, are you sick of seeing the same cartridge options over and over?

AiroPro has a little something for you, no matter which category you fall into. Classics like Jack Herer and Northern Lights virtually always available. They also mix in some new hype strains with their classics. They even have low THC/high CBD cartridges if that’s your jam. Whether you want to switch it up or go with what you know, Airo brands got you!


It’s pretty widely-accepted that even though cartridges get the job done, they don’t feel quite like smoking flower. But what if you produce them by extracting freshly harvested flower; and then refortifying that oil with additional terpenes extracted from freshly harvested flower?

Actually, we don’t need to ask what-if! AiroPro has made this a reality with their Live Flower series. By using this advanced method, they’ve created a vapor product that rivals the flavor and effects of flower. Now you can enjoy a flavor profile and depth of high similar to what you get from smoking cannabis! Super discrete with no reeking burning plant material and smell for Grandma (obviously we still love the dank aroma). Just like the rest of their cartridge lines, the live flower series has a specific strain type for everyone!


AiroPro has been a mainstay of legal cannabis in Washington since the beginning, and it doesn’t seem like that’ll change anytime soon. Their reliability, brand recognition, quality control and innovation have secured them a spot among the best vapor companies in the cannabis game.

If you’re looking for a safe, reliable vape that’s easy to use with high-quality extracts, AiroPro may also secure a spot as your favorite vape company.



“Vitamin E acetate (tocopheryl acetate) is a synthetic vitamin supplement that can be found in many cosmetic and dermatological products you may have seen. It is the ester of acetic acid and tocopherol (Vitamin E). Some reasons it has been seen as an attractive choice by manufacturers are its potential for extended shelf life, potential antioxidant effects and UV protection.

While Vitamin E acetate has been found in around 55% of the cannabis containing vape products that the FDA has examined in relation to the lung-disease outbreak, the FDA continues to caution that no one device, product nor substance has been linked in all cases.
In light of recent headlines regarding the health risks associated with vape additives and cutting agents
AiroPro not only offers a superior experience but one you can trust. Our patented, closed system with premium, rigorously lab tested 100% natural ingredients is only sold in licensed retailers.
– Our producers test all ingredients and products as they arrive to their site, post extraction, post mix, and after cartridges have been filled with state certified labs
– We have never used Vitamin E acetate nor would we ever
– We never use PG, VG, PEG, or TEC nor would we ever
– Our product system is closed and not compatible with open market cartridges that can be misused
– Airo Brands has sold over 3 million units without a single health related consumer complaint


Many people who plan to use vapes to quit smoking can get overwhelmed with the amount of information given to them once they start using vapes. While it may seem like a lot, the parts of a vape are simple to understand. This vape guide will explain different vape parts and how they work for you. 

First things first, there are two main types of vapes: vape mods and vape pods. Both have similarities and differences with each other. However, they generally use the same components.


Cartomizer, Tank, or Pod

The vape tank goes on top of the device itself; it stores e-juice that your device turns into vapor. It's important to know that not all vape boxes have tanks. Some of them are made for dripping juices, also called rebuildable drip atomizers or RDA. We'll explain what an Atomizer is a little later. Most atomizers come with a tank that can be magnetically attached or twisted on. You can check out Innokin Store to find the best vape tank for yourself.



A mouthpiece can also be called a drip tip. Two types of standard drip tips are used on tanks, 510 and 810. The diameter of the 810 drip tip is 12.5mm, while the 510 drip tip is 8.5mm.

While it may not be important for some people, a drip tip size can improve your personal experience. For example, for people who like stealth vaping and are using low wattage, you can get a concentrated flavor hit with a 510 drip tip since the airflow hole is much smaller.

For people who like to create a lot of smoke, having an 810 drip tip is much better. With a larger diameter, the airflow isn't restricted, and you can inhale more vapor. 



For a fully customizable experience, having adjustable airflow is an important feature. The placing of the airflow can also affect the quality of your vape hits. Top airflow is popular because it immediately addresses one of the most common problems, which is leaking. The airflow can sometimes be on the side of the atomizer as well.



Without an atomizer, you cannot have a fully functioning vape device. It's responsible for creating vapor. The atomizer is usually sold with the tank.

There are a few categories of atomizers you should know about when vaping. You can visit the Innokin Blog for a more in-depth guide, which contains many brilliant resources to inform you of different atomizers.


Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

As the name suggests, these are tanks where you can install your built coil. It's a favorite among people who like to customize their vaping methods. As opposed to an RDA, the RTA has a tank that can store the liquid. 

The Innokin Ares II RTA Tank is one of the best rebuildable tanks, with an easy drop-in coil deck that makes building much more efficient than a standard RTA. There is also the Innokin Zlide MTL Tank for people who prefer mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapes.


Rebuildable Drip Atomizer (RDA)

As mentioned in the previous section, not all vapes have tanks. Some use a rebuildable drip atomizer where you apply the juice directly to the wick. This is good for people who want to chain vape since you can control the amount of e-juice getting into the wick; it also helps prevent dry hits.

Some people prefer this method; however, most vapers choose to use a tank for convenience.


Rebuildable Atomizer

This type of atomizer is usually created for a specific vape pod. It allows you to build coils for a much smaller vape device. However, this type of tank is rarely seen as people who prefer vape pens buy the corresponding vape tanks for convenience.



A battery powers all vaping devices. Some vape pods do not have a removable battery, while larger vape box mods have changeable batteries. Many people prefer to have a removable battery so they can charge one while using another. There are different types of batteries for different vapes, and you should buy one that works best with your device. People who are just starting to vape tend to use internal batteries that already come inside a vape pod. In contrast, more experienced vapers tend to buy devices with external batteries for external charging and longer battery life. 


External Batteries

External batteries are labeled by their diameter and length. For example, the most common battery is a 18650 battery. The eighteen stands for its diameter, while the sixty-five stands for its length. There are also other batteries like 20700, 21700, and 26650. Before buying a battery, you should always check the device specifications of your vaporizer.


Internal Batteries

Vape pods usually have internal batteries that cannot be removed unless you open the device itself. Vape devices with this type of battery are good to start with. To charge it, you will need to connect the device to a charging cable.


Display Screen

Display screens are necessary for vape mods with adjustable controls. Displays will allow you to see the wattage, coil resistance, voltage, ampere, and sometimes even the puff count. Other vape devices have different modes, such as power, VPC, temperature control, battery level, and bypass. 


Ohm Meter

One of the most important features is the Ohm meter, especially if you are building your tank. The Ohm meter will display the current reading of the coil you have installed in the atomizer. Depending on the device you have and how you puff your vape, you can track your wattage power with more consistency. 



Advanced vape products have multiple modes you can use to customize your vaping experience. The most popular ones are power mode and temperature control mode. Keep in mind that other devices may have different options to select. 


Temperature Setting

Modern vape devices have temperature control settings that ensure you don't overheat your device. This is great for people who have just started vaping, so they don't overheat the coil or battery. When the threshold of the temperature you set has been reached, your device will stop producing vapor until it cools down. You can usually adjust this setting on your vape if it's available.


Wattage or Voltage Setting

One of the most popular methods to customize the vapor output is through wattage or voltage settings. By controlling the amount of power that your device will pass through the atomizer, you can create thick or thin clouds. Higher wattage often results in more vapor. This is best for people who want to try out new tricks. In comparison, lower power gives you a stronger flavor and is best paired with nic salts.


Other Modes

Different devices usually offer extra modes. These are usually modifications of either the temperature or power mode. These may include specific temperature control for certain types of coils such as titanium, stainless steel and nichrome.

The 4th-generation vaping device, the Innokin Sensis 40W Vape Kit, features an F0 mode that extends the coil life and improves the flavors.


Puff Counter

This is a fun addition to a display screen as it counts the number of puffs or hits you have taken. It can also be handy for people who want to measure certain how often they use their vape. You can use it to keep track of how many puffs it takes before the cotton wick burns out. It can also count how many puffs you have left before the battery dies. These metrics can be used to optimize your device and ensure that you are not overheating it.


USB Charging Port

The two most common types of charging ports on a vaping device are micro-USB and USB-C. These are the same cables used to charge cell phones like Samsung and Google.


Button Controls

Button controls are standard in most modern vapes. For rebuildable tanks, it is necessary to control the wattage to get the proper vape hit you want. Most vape devices have buttons; they just depend on complexity. Vape pods generally have one or two buttons for power and to switch modes. Other devices use touchscreen displays to provide more access to specific modes.


Fire Button

The fire button is the button you need to press when you want to puff. Some devices may not have a fire button and instead have an automatic draw when you inhale. Another function of the fire button in pod mods is to turn your device on or off. It usually requires you to press it multiple times. There might also be a combination of buttons that lock your device and prevent you from accidentally pressing the buttons. 



While there is a lot of information about vape parts, much of it is self-explanatory and straightforward. Make sure to always read the user manual first as it's there to explain the functions to you. Whether you are quit smoking with vaping or simply want to try out cool new tricks, we hope you find this information useful. If you want to learn more about vaping and vaping devices, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. We'll keep you updated!

 Written by Hemok Wang,


Airo Pro Vape Pen Preview

Already creating a buzz on the market, the Air Pro Vape Pen has many in the world of CBD excited about this new vaporizer. It’s a vape pen designed for most alternative oils and liquids, and it’s being considered as one of the easiest to use vape pen systems currently on the market. There are many features about this device that separates it from others, so we encourage you to continue reading about this revolutionary vape pen by Airo Vapor.

Constructed of an all metal material, the Air Pro Vape Pen delivers extraordinary durability, yet maintains an ultra-lightweight feel. The device is comfortable to hold due to its slender profile, and it’s just as easy on the eyes as a result of its sleek design and various graphite colored options that give it some appeal.

The question that could be asked is why the Air Pro Vape Pen stands out above its competitors, which isn’t a tough question at all. First off, the device is a High Times World Cannabis Cup Winner, which is placed to high regard. It’s a device that not only performs outstandingly well but is also one of the most affordable vape pens on the market in its class. The device is most known for being virtually unbreakable and button-free. Without hassle-driven buttons or any settings to complicate the experience, this makes using the device and enjoying it for long periods that much more satisfying. It’s a device that is leak resistant, and it’s also touted to produce up to three times as much vapor than an average battery, which mainly stems from its innovative ceramic atomizer system that comes integrated into each cartridge. While the magnetic cartridges are brand-specific and color-coded to indicate flavor and the terpene profile, you can also use a magnetic adapter to use any CCell cartridge.

The AiroPro Vape Pen is ultimately a no-fuss vaporizer system, meaning it has no complicated buttons and to use it, you simply take a draw and it’s automatically activated. Once the device is activated by airflow, the device will then vibrate to indicate you’re using it and letting you know it’s working perfectly. Another subtle buzz will happen once again to indicate if the battery is getting low. You’ll feel two buzzes after using the device if the battery is almost dead. Positioned at the rim of the bottom of the device, an LED light exists and will flash to further indicate the battery level. To charge the battery, it’s as simple as plugging in any micro-USB.

Article written  by: Blake Brown