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More Product Details

IndigoPro which has now changed the name of their brand to AiroPro is still the same revolutionary THC Oil Vaporizer. The leak resistant cartridges attach to the vape pen magnetically making it very easy to swap out different cartridges. It produces the perfect amount of vapor which is not too much or too little, making it smooth and not harsh for the user. No burnt aftertaste. 

Built like a tank, the AiroPro pens are very durable, built within a hard 6082-T6 alumuminum alloy body, which is virtually indestructable. With each draw, the pen will continiously vibrate, to let you know it's in use. And an LED indicator light to warn the user when the battery is low on charge. It will also buzz twice to warn you of the battery getting low. Another great thing about this pen is you can continue to use it still while it's charging. The AiroPro battery uses a simple USB cable to plug into any computer port to charge the pen.

The AiroPro sports a wide variety of cartridges. The raw CO2 oils, which come in a sativa, indica, or CBD variety are created using the high potent clean pesticide free cannabis.If pure distillate cannabis oil is more of your thing, they also have a wide variety of artisan flavored vape pen distillate cartridges aswell.  

The ceramic atomizer capable of delivering triple the vapor of the leading competitors. It's powered by a very powerful, long lasting 320mAh lithium-ion. This device is not only compatible with AiroPro cartridges either.  Just by simply attaching a magnetic adaptor to your cartridges,  it allows you to 
swap different cartridge brands with this pen. These little magnetic ring adapters can be found at any shop.